Treasured - Anita Lo

Anita Lo is an American chef and restaurateur. In 2001, she was named by Food & Wine magazine one of ten “Best New Chefs in America”. She is the chef and owner of Annisa in New York City and author of Cooking Without Borders.

What is your most treasured item?

"My restaurant, Annisa, had an enormous gas fire in 2009, and a huge ball of fire burned through the back wall. It was a mess when we got back in and the first thing I did was go look for my spoons. Bill Yosses, the amazing pastry chef who I once worked with, gave the big one to me. The 'diva' spoon was left here by the previous restaurant owners in 1999.

"I somehow immediately felt attracted to the 'diva' spoon. Who would inscribe the word diva on a spoon? It's just so weird! I always want girlie things. I identify as butch but I do like pink towels and the 'diva' spoon! Meanwhile, it turns out it's just a great spoon for basting and plating sauce."

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Melanie Dunea