My Last Supper

After two successful books asked the world's greatest chefs, "What would be your last meal on earth?", it was time to bring 'My Last Supper' to life. Melanie Dunea ( interviews and photographs the world's best chefs, celebrities and foodies, who in turn reveal their intimate desires about eating, drinking and being merry! features videos and photographs of chefs, celebrities and foodies revealing their food fantasies, wishes and whims. Discover new recipes and interviews, and enjoy a behind-the-scenes look at the projects and adventures undertaken by photographer, Melanie Dunea.

My Last Supper
Publication Date: October 2007

Chefs have been playing the “My Last Supper” game among themselves for decades, if not centuries, but it had always been kept within the profession until now. Melanie Dunea revisits the idea and asks fifty of the world’s famous chefs to let her in on this insider’s game and tell her what their final meals would be. 'My Last Supper' showcases their fascinating answers alongside stunning Vanity Fair-style portraits. Their responses are surprising, refreshing, and as distinct from each other as the chefs themselves. The portraits - gorgeous, intimate, and playful - are informed by their answers and reveal the passions and personalities of the most respected names in the business. Lastly, one recipe from each landmark meal is included in the back of the book. With 'My Last Supper', Dunea found a way into the typically harried, hidden minds of the people who have turned preparing food into an art. Who wouldn’t want to know where Paul Bocuse would like his supper to be? And who would prepare Heston Blumenthal's final meal? What would Joel Robuchon's guest list look like? As the clock ticked, what album would Rachael Ray be listening to? And just what would Bobby Flay eat for the last time?

My Last Supper, The Next Course
Publication Date: October 2011

My Last Supper, the Next Course was published in 2011 as a follow up to 'My Last Supper', published in 2007. The Next Course showcases intimate portrait-style photographs of the worlds most well-known and outstanding chefs, alongside their answer to the ever curious question: "What would be your last meal on Earth?" Their responses are surprising, refreshing, and as distinct from each other as the chefs themselves.