Sylvia Weinstock's "You Are What You Read"

As the queen of cakes, Sylvia Weinstock has spent thirty years baking and designing the most beautiful and delicious cakes for the rich and famous world-wide.


Tell me about the books you gathered, how do they define you?

I have very eclectic tastes and I love to lose myself in books. I love art books, reference books, mysteries, cookbooks, gardening books and current political and historical books.


Is there any book that you despise?

I have no time for trashy or self- help books.


Which books made you fall in love?

Titles about art deco jewelry are something I have fallen in love with.


Do you remember reading any naughty books under covers at night with a flashlight?

No. If they didn’t have it in the Massapequa library then I didn’t get to read it. Now that you mention it, I do remember reading Lady Chatterley's Lover as a pre-teen. It was titillating.


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Melanie Dunea