Jamie Oliver's Last Supper

Jamie is one of the most best loved television personalities, remember "The Naked Chef"?  His restaurants "Jamie's Italian", "Fifteen", "Barbecoa", and "Union Jacks" are hugely popular in the UK.  His campaign "Feed Me Better" encouraged the British government to make further investment in school meals and food education for children.

What would be your last meal on earth?

I would have a big pot of spaghetti all’arrabiata made with three types of chilies. It is soft, sweet, and silky - my perfect comfort food.  If I were going to have dessert, it would be homemade rice pudding with roasted peaches. The rice pudding would be served very cold and topped with the hot caramelized peaches.

What would the setting be for the meal?

I would be in my house in Essex, cuddled up on the sofa with my missus. There would be some crap on the televsion, and a fire going.  The window would be open just a crack, with the fresh air cooling the back of my neck after all of those hot chilies in the pasta sauce.

What would you drink with your meal?

A would love a bottle of Hoegaarden beer.

Would there be music?

Just the telly playing in thebackground.

Who would be your dining companions?

My wife, Jools, would be sitting beside me.

Who would prepare the meal?

I would prepare it myself.

Melanie Dunea