Emeril Lagasse's Last Supper

Emeril Lagasse is a world famous chef, restaurateur, television personality and author. He is famous for championing and promoting the city of New Orleans. Lagasse is the chef-owner of twelve restaurants in New Orleans, Las Vegas and Orlando. He has 15 bestselling cookbooks and coined the phrases "BAM" and "Kick it up a notch".

What would be your last meal on Earth?

I would have to have a menu with pasta.  I would have to have truffles.  I would have to have dry aged meat.  I would have to have game birds.  I would not regret eating a whole piece of banana cream pie.

What would be the setting for the meal?

I would want to get it all fussed up with beautiful flowers.  Over the years, my wife and I have collected several china arrangements for certain courses for when we entertain at home, so I would do it up.  I'd bring out the silver chalice water goblets and all the crystal.

What would you drink with your meal?

I would drink till the cows came home.  I would stick with one region and pick Burgundy and start with white and end with red.  Then I'd finish with either really good brandy or really great grappa.  Madame Lalou Bize-Leroy: I'm a huge fan of hers.  She's known for the DRCs in Burgundy.  I love wines from the Willamette Valley, so I would definitely have some of them.  Some big Cabernets from California, like Caymus.

Would there be music?

Gotta have music.  Music and food go together.  I would have an assortment of jazz.  Jeremy Davenport's music kinda makes you feel good.  It's not too loud, so it'd be perfect for dining and eating.  It's probably the way to go.

Who would be your dining companions?

That's a very difficult question.  It would be some of my very close friends.  It would be the Batali famly.  My close friends here in New Orleans.  My wife.  My kids.  The dogs.

Who would prepare the meal?

I would probably pick a dozen of my closest chef friends and let them do the meal; then they could sit down too.  Eric, Daniel, Mario, Charlie, Wolfgang.  I'd have all of them do a great course with those ingredients that we talked about, and I would do one as well.  We'd have a blowout.

Melanie Dunea