Angela Hartnett's Last Supper

Angela is an English chef.  She was the chef and owner of The Connaught in London and now is the chef and owner for Murano restaurant and the York & Albany Pub in London.

What would be your last meal on earth?

We would have antipasti with Fellini salami, Parma ham, and some coppa, followed by roast meats like anolini stuffed with braised veal or lamb.  Then we would have two kinds of pasta, one would be made with white truffles and the other would be a pumpkin tortelli.  For dessert we would have the zabaglione my grandmother used to make.

What would the setting be?

We would all sit around a long table in the garden at my grandmother's house in the Italian hills.

What would you drink with your meal?

Krug champagne and good wine.

Would there be music?

Tony Bennett would play live, and after he finished, there would be a brief appearance by Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld for entertainment.

Who would be your dining companions?

Family and close friends would join me.

Who would prepare the meal?

Family - we would do it all together.

Melanie Dunea